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Keynote Speaking

Davos Women Agenda 2024, Switzerland

During the World Economic Forum at Davos 2024, Dr Sandy Chong spoke about the importance of promoting diversity in the tech industry, particularly how women can help achieve sustainability. With women being underrepresented in this field, it's crucial that companies create a more inclusive and innovative industry by co-creating products and services with women. Statistics on increment in profit, sales and equity when women are on boards were shared. 

Harvard Leadership Summit 2018, Munich Germany

Insights were shared in a room with nearly 300 global leaders and executives on "Cross-Cultural Negotiation" highlighting the key difference between the West and East in negotiation. Top tips on verbal and non-verbal communication, non-task exchanges, and trust building were also shared to navigate cultural challenges and find mutually beneficial partnership. 

Speaking at Commission of Status for Women 2019, New York United Nations.JPG
Commission of Status on Women (CSW), United Nations 2019, New York, USA

The significance of economic empowerment for women was emphasised during the week at the CSW in New York. She highlighted that it is crucial for women to have access to financial resources and opportunities to achieve their full potential. By empowering women economically, a more equitable and prosperous society for all can be created

Speaking at Special Olympics Fundraising Event.JPG
Special Olympics Fundraising Event 2018, Perth, Australia

Valuable insights shared on leadership during Special Olympics fundraising event on International Women's Day. Experiences from fellow panelists - former Olympian and Chair of Mining Chamber of Commerce were inspiring and empowering, encouraging women to take charge and make a difference in their communities. 

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